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First Short Story Published in Kzine Issue 17!

Well, the day has arrived – my first official published story was released on January 28th 2017!

… albeit in Kindle-reader format ūüėČ ¬† ¬†(but hey – published is published!!!)

The 17th issue of KZINE – a British sci-fi / horror / fantasy / crime magazine created specifically for the mobile reader – features seven short stories, including my tale Flesh.

Flesh follows the story of an octogenarian in his final few days of life, trying in vain to leave his¬†past behind him. ¬†Of course, there’s a nasty villain, a space station, a gun fight & a high-speed chase, and — just for good measure — a StarWars-esque fall down a bottomless shaft.

Anyways – I’m very excited, and seeing my name in (electronic) print has been a great boost to my recently lagged productivity at the keyboard. ¬†Nothing like some tangible success to get the muse tapping¬†at the window again!

Please check out¬†KZINE, and consider purchasing a copy of the current issue here or here. ¬†You won’t be disappointed!


My first published short story!

I suppose it was going to happen sooner or later.

After all, it’s a numbers game: send enough of my short stories to enough magazines and/or anthologies, and someone out there is bound to bite, right?

Well, early last week, a UK online magazine accepted my short science fiction story “Flesh” for publication for their January 2017¬†issue! ¬†My first fiction writing success!

“Flesh” is the story of an elderly man who has given up everything for a chance at a new life. ¬†But everything is not as it seems (dun, dun, DUN!!!).

I’m truly excited – this is¬†a very significant step for me. ¬†Now, I have a ‘publication history’; no longer do I need to leave that part¬†of my submissions or queries blank! ¬†I also get to have my fiction read by a much larger circle of people (beyond my husband, and the members of, to which I belong).

I had ‘set’ myself a goal of having my fiction published by the end of 2015 (fully aware that it wasn’t entirely in my hands); I’m pleasantly surprised¬†that I was only off by a few months! ¬†ūüėČ

Anyways – enough reveling in my success. ¬†I have another set of agent queries to send out, not to mention crafting another couple short stories. ¬†I’m also working on getting my freelance b2b copywriting career off the ground, by the end of the month…

Always lots to do, as a writer!



Becoming an Author: Getting Started

Well, that title is a misnomer actually. ¬†I started this whole process years ago. ¬†It’s only recently that I’ve taken writing seriously, and it’s only¬†tonight that I’ve taken the step to put myself ‘out there’, as it were, via social media.

Here’s a summary of what’s happened¬†with respect to my desire to be a published author, to date:

Sept 2013:

Taking writing seriously; goal: finish the novel ‘Tale of Two Eorldoms’ (working title);

Attended my first Writer’s Fest, in Kingston Ontario (Margaret Atwood in attendance!);

Nov 2014:

Finished 1st draft of my novel, edited by my trooper of a husband, Trevor;

Feb 2015:

Finished 2nd draft of my novel, and edited by a friend (he’s¬†still a friend, btw!);

May 2015:

Began compiling a list of potential agents to approach; and

Sept 2015:

Wrote the synopsis of my novel, and accompanying query letter.


And two years later, I’m just about ready to start my agent search. ¬†I have my list, in order of preference, and the requisite ‘bits’ (which just need refining for each specific literary agency). ¬†Over the next week or so, I’ll send out the first 3-5 queries, and then…¬†wait!

(Patiently, of course.)

Of course, it’s hard to express in writing the excitement Trevor and I feel for this step. ¬†Even as I write this, my heart is beating faster than normal. ¬†It’s not every day that I get to¬†send out my¬†first query of my¬†first novel, to the¬†first literary agent in my list…

Final note for this inaugural post: I would not be doing this today if it were not for the support of my husband.  Trevor had supported and motivated me from before day one, and any success I eventually achieve from this is due in very large part to him.  I love you, Trev!!  <3


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