While my ultimate goal is to be a published novelist, I’ve also been writing  — and submitting — short stories and flash fiction.

Below are some of my writing credits, to date.

Story Title                    Details                              Credit

Conscripts               Sci-fi Short                     Writers of the Future, hon. mention

Solace                         Sci-fi Short                     Writers of the Future, silver hon. mention

Cataraqui Crisis     Steampunk Short        Winner, 2017 Limestone Genre Expo

Ipseity                         Sci-fi Short                      Published in Perihelion SF

                                                                                                   ^ (upcoming!) ^

Flesh                            Sci-fi Short                      Published in Jan 2017 issue of Kzine

Darksea                     Fantasy Novel              Category Winner, 2016 Ozma Awards


Since the winter of 2013, I have been submitting short stories to the WritersWeekly.com quarterly 24-Hour Short Story Contests.  I’ve listed a few of them below.  Click on the title to read the whole story.

Story Title                                                       (and what it may have won!)

A Favourite Dish                                    (Fall 2013 entry; honourable mention)

Fat Camp                                                    (Summer 2014 entry; honourable mention)

Summer Fun                                             (Summer 2015 entry; door prize winner!)