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First Short Story Published in Kzine Issue 17!

Well, the day has arrived – my first official published story was released on January 28th 2017!

… albeit in Kindle-reader format ūüėČ ¬† ¬†(but hey – published is published!!!)

The 17th issue of KZINE – a British sci-fi / horror / fantasy / crime magazine created specifically for the mobile reader – features seven short stories, including my tale Flesh.

Flesh follows the story of an octogenarian in his final few days of life, trying in vain to leave his¬†past behind him. ¬†Of course, there’s a nasty villain, a space station, a gun fight & a high-speed chase, and — just for good measure — a StarWars-esque fall down a bottomless shaft.

Anyways – I’m very excited, and seeing my name in (electronic) print has been a great boost to my recently lagged productivity at the keyboard. ¬†Nothing like some tangible success to get the muse tapping¬†at the window again!

Please check out¬†KZINE, and consider purchasing a copy of the current issue here or here. ¬†You won’t be disappointed!


Seven agents down… but how many to go?

I am on the other side of history!

It’s nothing at that significant,¬†of course; what I mean is, I’m looking back at having started my agent search, having dreaded the whole process for literally years!

Up until Friday 11th September 2015, I hadn’t really told many people about my novel: my husband, a close friend, and a handful of people on, who have absolutely no idea who I was anyways. ¬†But now, I’ve sent my story¬†out into the world, to¬†professionals, who’s job it is to take seriously what I do in my spare time. ¬†Which just feels weird to me, since I’m not quite sure I’ve been taking¬†it seriously yet.

It was a bit surreal, when I hit <send> on that first e-mail query. ¬†I couldn’t quite believe that I’d done it. ¬†This is getting serious, I realized, though. ¬†They’re going to laugh at me.


Did I just think that?

They’re going to laugh at me?

Yeah. ¬†I did just think that. ¬†I can’t believe that I might actually make a living as a science fiction / fantasy writer. ¬†I can’t believe that I might, one day, be an author. ¬†That’s crazy talk. ¬†That’s just a dream. ¬†It’s just a joke.

…or is it?

Seven queries sent every two weeks, until further notice. ¬†That’s the goal. ¬†Let’s see if this dream¬†can turn into… something much greater.

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